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.."I have found that normally most Southern Gospel fans, myself included, are often unsure of checking out groups they’ve never heard of before. But I can assure you, especially if you like good quartet singing, The Sharps are right up your alley..."

- Fuson Findings


Hailing from Fort Payne, Alabama, The Sharps have been presenting the Gospel in song for more than three decades. The quartet is comprised and owned by father and son, Andy and Ben Sharp and are joined by Mike Leath and Mike ‘Smitty’ Smith to form the dynamic quartet. In recent years, the group has experienced radio success with songs such as “Upon This Solid Rock,” “Standing In The Storm,” and “Joy He’s Given Me,” among others. 

The group has over 20 professional recordings dating back to 1988. However, their recent success has brought upon several awards, national recognition, 2 Hall of Fame nominations, and  7 consecutive charting radio singles in Singing News Top 80 charts. The group's latest studio album, Instrument of Peace, has featured the last 3 charting songs. The first single released "Standing in the Storm" received instant recognition, reigning 4 months inside the charts Top 80. The song was also nominated for SGN Scoops Diamond Awards for Sunrise Song of the Year 2018 and is currently a Top 5 Finalist. Their current single " The Joy He's Given Me" debuted at #31 of Top New Releases and charted at #54 in Top 80 for month of December 2019. 

In the past few years, The Sharps have been honored to appear live on WATC 57 Atlanta Live Television programing, Creekside Convention, Dollywood, and the National Quartet Convention. In late 2019, it was announced in a major press release thatThe Sharps and Main Street Music & Entertainment reached an agreement to sign the group to Penn Street Records vowing to release a new album at the start of 2020. 

Andy sharp

Nickname: Butch

Position: Tenor 

Wife: Janice

Children: Ben


Grandchildren: Leiah Rae

Hometown: Fort Payne, AL

Birthday: November 9,1956​

Years with The Sharps: 35 years



BEN sharp

Nickname: Scooter

Position: Baritone 

Wife: Brittney

Children: Leiah Rae


Grandchildren: NOT THAT OLD YET

Hometown: Fort Payne, AL

Birthday: December 17,1991​

Years with The Sharps: 21 years



Nickname: Ewok

Position: Lead 

Wife: Kathy

Children: Michelle, Michael


Grandchildren: Tyler, Kaelyn, Matthew

Hometown: Fort Payne, AL

Birthday: January 19,1957

Years with The Sharps: 13 years


Mike smith

Nickname: Smitty

Position: Bass 

Wife: Michelle

Children: Bryant, Marisa, Kenadee


Grandchildren: Michael, Makayla

Hometown: Bowdon, GA

Birthday: April 19,1957​

Years with The Sharps: 2 years


gary gray

Nickname: G-Man

Position: Sound Tech/Road Manager

Wife: Pat

Children: Joe, Shelley


Grandchildren: Luke, Sydney

Hometown: Mentone, AL

Birthday: April 19,1954

Years with The Sharps: 7 years

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