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- Steven Gunter | First Baptist of Maxville - Jacksonville, FL

“We had the privilege of hosting The Sharps in 2023 and they did a fantastic job of bringing a worshipful service that encouraged and uplifted our congregation. Before the night was through people were already asking when they would be returning.  It is obvious on and off stage, that these gentlemen know who they are singing about, are ministry minded, and present the gospel message through music with class, authenticity,

and quality.  ”

- Kenneth Lovett | Highland Park Baptist Church - Columbia, TN

"We had the Sharps come to our church for a night of worship in music. It was a wonderful evening of praise and worship. They not only sing songs of praise to the Father, but they shared their testimonies to the great things God has done in their lives.  We felt the Holy Spirit moving in the service and it was a very worshipful experience!"

- Pastor Al Moore | Fountain of Faith Baptist Church - Creola, AL

“As pastor of the Fountain of Faith Baptist Church,  I can highly recommend the Sharps! They are a God sent, talented, great group of men who know how to being the gospel to life through song. I have had them several times in our church and each time they were a huge blessing!”

- Chris Womack | New Life Baptist Church - Shiloh, AL

“If you're looking for Great Gospel music, tight harmonies, from Godly men check out the Sharps schedule at check them out. Better yet call Ben and have the at your church like we did you won't regret it.”

- Ellis Martin | Oakman Freewill Baptist Church - Oakman, AL

“If anyone wants to have a good Gospel singing at your church. I recommend The Sharps from Fort Payne Al. You will be greatly blessed”

- Pastor Paul Long | Antioch Baptist Church - Fyffe, AL

“I would highly recommend the Sharps without hesitation. They are not only highly professional but are spiritually uplifting and anointed. Our church was blessed to have them and yours will be also if The Sharps come to your event.”

- Pastor Chris Clay | Unity Fellowship Baptist Church - Alexandra, AL

“After being in and around the southern gospel industry for over 20 years, and now as a pastor, I’m looking for the “real deal” when we book a group for a concert.  I’ve known the guys with The Sharps for years now, and beyond the talent, which is obvious, this group is genuine, and has an anointing on them that can only be described as God-sent. Please consider booking my friends for your next concert or other event. You will not be disappointed!”

- Dennis Williams | Gospel Music Promoter & Alabama Gospel Roots TV - Birmingham, AL

“My name is Dennis Williams I promote concerts as Never 2 Late Ministries, and I am also on the advisory board of Alabama Gospel Roots Gospel Music TV show. We love The Sharps so much that in our 2 year period we have had them come on the show 4 times. As a promoter i have had them come in for me plus other church's have wanted to get them for them. These men are as real as it gets when they come to spread the word through song. Our producer and host of the show will call and ask can we get The Sharps to come do another show. If you are a pastor or music minister and you need a group you cannot go wrong with The Sharps. They are so anointed and spirit filled. I highly recommend them.”

- Pastor Jeremy Ragland | Park Avenue Baptist Church - Oneonta, AL

“I have had the privilege of being with and hosting the Sharp’s for multiple concerts and each and every time I was blessed.  The sincerity in their worship, the dedication in their service and the faithfulness in their witness is unparalleled.  If you are looking for a group that longs to be used by God and will be a blessing to your church consider the Sharps and you will not be disappointed.”

- Pastor Bill Ellis | Gleason First Baptist Church - Gleason, TN

“The Sharps Quartet has ministered to our church for many years.  They have always been spirit-filled and great to work with. I would recommend them to any church and music festival....They are Family.”

- Diana Brantley | Music Scribe Blog -

“After having seen The Sharps in concert on several occasions, I can highly recommend them to promoters, churches and fans of this music.  These gentlemen have a solid gospel sound with songs that have wonderful, Biblical messages. "

- Promoter Robert York | North Metro Gospel Sings

“Having had The Sharps in concert I would highly recommend them.  Being a great bunch of Christian men they will certainly bless any worship service or concert.”

- Pastor John Keefe | Minvale Baptist Church - Fort Payne, AL

“I am honored to give my recommendation of the Sharps Quartet. I have known them for many years and have seen their ministry grow . Beginning with the founder, Joel Sharp, they have carried on a legacy of Southern gospel music with faith and devotion. It has been our pleasure to have them sing at Minvale Baptist on many occasions. They have a strong desire to reach the lost and minister to the saved. I can only hope you have the opportunity to have them worship with you soon!”

- Jimmy Davis | Shiloh United Methodist Church - Piedmont, SC

“I have personally known the Sharp’s for many years and I can say that they are all great men of God.  We have always had wonderful worship services when they are in town and you will truly know that the Holy Spirit is present when you worship with the Sharp’s Quartet.  The Sharp’s are reliable, on time, and very professional, but most of all brothers in Christ.  I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to book them again and again!”

- Mike McElhaney | Violet Hill Baptist Church - Valley Head, AL

“The Sharps Quartet sing out of both the old red hymnal and songs that are written by other song writers. Their harmony is outstanding especially when they sing a capella. When they sing " The Old Ship of Zion" the hair on the back of your neck will stand up. It stands to reason that they are so good because there are two members of the group that are in the Southern Gospel Hall of Fame. We have a very small congregation at our church but they never turn us down when we ask them to come. It has been known that sometimes they will call us and ask if they can come because we always welcome them with open arms. I am proud to call them friends and hometown boys.” 

- Promoter Sara Hambrick | God & Country Celebration Sing - Albertville, AL

“I didn't have to question when I was looking for a Quartet for my first God And Country Celebration weekend. The Sharps Quartet are the real deal. I am glad to call them my friends and one of my favorite quartets. They are not too serious to laugh, joke and have some fun on stage but when it comes to seeing souls saved that is their number 1 concern. They always let the Holy Spirit take control of their concerts. These guys live the life off stage that they sing about on stage. That's the reason I support this Quartet and always will. I am SO glad to say these guys are one of Alabama's very own and we should be proud. I have followed these guys for 20 years. Their sound, kindness and concern for the lost is what makes The Sharps are one of the Best Quartet's on the road today. I am SO proud of how far these guys have came and their accomplishments and I can't wait to see what is ahead for The Sharps Quartet. If you ever get the chance to go hear them or have them at your Church or event please do then you will be Blessed. Thank You guys for being real in a world that is so fake, for your concern for the lost. May God continue to Bless each one of you and your families. You guys are the best!”

- Rodney Frix | New Home Baptist Church - Boaz, AL

“I would like to take a moment and say how much our church enjoyed having The Sharps sing for us and help worship.  They are truly a very talented group that the Lord has blessed.  As a local minister I am always concerned when we have a group visit due to the unknowns of what they may say during the service.  Thankfully these men were very solid in their beliefs and we were blessed to have them visit.  We will definitely have them back as soon as we can.”

- Pastor Danny Page | Henryfield First Congregational Methodist Church - Double Springs, AL

“Henryfield First Congregational Methodist church has had The Sharp Quartet come sing for us several times over the last few years, we always enjoy the heartfelt Christian fellowship. They are a talented group that perform a wide range of songs, from old well known hymns to original songs written by the guys. It’s clear that they love the Lord and it comes through in their songs and testimonies. They’ve always given an amazing performance whether it was a small group or a large congregation, we love these guys and would recommend them for any event where you want to give honor and praise to Christ!” 

- Pastor Darryl League | New Covenant Church of God - Anniston, AL

“We have had The Sharps for several years in a row. Every time these very talented servants of the Lord are with us at New Covenant, we are BLESSED!!  The congregation loves them!! I highly recommend them to every pastor and every church everywhere!!  

- Pastor Jimmy Ray | Overton First Baptist Church - Irondale, AL

“I would highly recommend The Sharp’s Quartet to sing at your church or event.   These men are a spiritual and Godly group who would be a blessing to all who hear them.  I have had the pleasure of seeing this group’s faithfulness and booking them for years. “

- Pastor Wade Peoples | Shady Grove Freewill Baptist Church - Adamsville, AL

“I’m Pastor at Shady Grove Free Will  Baptist in Adamsville, AL. One of our all time favorite groups are The Sharps. We have had them a number of times and they never disappoint. One thing I like about them aside from their music is their faithfulness in pleasing and honoring the Lord. Before each service they would come find me and we would go pray for God’s blessings on the service. If you are looking for a group that is not just about entertaining but truly want to minister through their music, call The Sharps and schedule a service with them.”

- Reverend M.H. Jagoe | Ebenezer and Hillsboro United Methodist Church - Hillsboro, VA

"The Lord God has gifted these powerful vocalists in ways that can seldom be replicated. The blend of contemporary gospel and mountain music flows like a calming brook then transitions into vibrant uplifting melodies that enable the Holy Spirit to fill your soul. A few years ago, they traveled from Fort Payne, Alabama to the Northern tip of Virginia to give a concert to Ebenezer and Hillsboro United Methodist Churches in North West Loudoun County. Their uplifting songs “Love Is Gonna Win” and “Standing in the Storm” enabled God’s grace to fill the sanctuary. In addition, their spirit filled personalities added to the music as they emphasize all Glory goes to God alone. Needless to say, they were invited back for another concert. In summary, I highly recommend “The Sharps Quartet” for all churches who want to be moved by the Holy Spirit. The people in your congregations, towns, and or other musical venues will depart with their souls in a state of knowing they have just been in communion with our Lord God. Peace and Joy to All."

- Pastor Bill Wolfe | Lee Station Baptist Church - Pikeville, TN

"We at Lee Station love to have the Sharps ! The main reason is the love the Lord. They come to worship and see God lifted up. One other reason is they bring their families with them. We are a family Church! “

- Lottie Squires  | WCKB Radio 730 - South Carolina |

"If you enjoy quality quartet singing, with a little family harmony for good measure, check out the Sharps.  They almost NEVER come to my area, so I'm not lucky enough to see them in person as often as I'd like, but that's what CDs and videos are for, right?!  Super nice guys, great music...check out the Sharps and you'll be glad you did!"

If you have recently had The Sharps at your service or event, we'd love to hear from you!

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