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The Sharps are pleased to announce the addition of a veteran vocalist and pianist to the team. The group lineup will be as follows: Ben Sharp (baritone/bass guitar), Tony Lewis (bass), Andy Sharp (tenor), Mike Leath (lead), David Holt (piano/vocals) and Jason Brown (Sound Engineer). This lineup will debut in mid February.

David Holt is no stranger to gospel music. He was a founding member of the gospel trio - Renewed - that was based off of Sand Mountain in the 90’s. But since the group’s retirement several years ago, he has always prayed for an opportunity to return to traveling.

“David is definitely known here around home not only for his local contributions, but also for both his piano playing and singing.”, Ben says. “Dad and I met with David at the beginning of the year and he shared his heart with us, and it is a servant’s heart. He is a great piano player that has playing for many years. He has taken musical lessons as well as simply having the ability to play by ear. This will allow us (the quartet) a chance to show our versatility from soundtracks. David also has a great tenor/alto voice! This gives us the option and ability of him as a fill-in vocally, which in today’s time with sickness, is a comfort! Both sides, have been praying that this be God’s timing and each way we turn, it seems to be evident! We are excited to have him join our efforts!”

David is also known for his teaching career all over Dekalb County, as well as him being a DJ at WVSM Radio in Rainsville, AL on Saturday mornings.

With the arrival of new personnel, it means a lot of “new” is on the horizon. The group has a few more exciting announcements that will be coming over the next several weeks!

For bookings inquiries with new lineup, please call (256) 997-7115 or send an email to

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