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For more than three decades, The Sharps have been an Alabama-based quartet dedicated to the male, four-part harmony that so many love and enjoy. In person and on recordings, you'll hear songs that are centered around each Christian's ultimate goal - Heaven. The group’s personnel have a mixture of youth and experience. The quartet is comprised of father and son Andy & Ben Sharp, who sing the tenor and baritone respectively. They are joined by lead singer Mike Leath, and bass vocalist Tony Lewis. 


Today, Ben Sharp who sings baritone, has inherited the management role and leads the group onward into the future. However, don’t let his youth fool you. He provides a smooth baritone vocal that blends perfectly, but also has the versatility to step out for a solo. Tenor, Andy Sharp, is the last original member of group from 1985. Andy is not the highest tenor by no means but puts the top on the sound with his tenor voice and sincere delivery of each song. Tony Lewis anchors the group with his smooth, clear, and powerful bass voice. Lead vocalist Mike Leath is known for his distinct lead vocals and for the way the spirit moves through him while he sings. With his strong vocal, he is the core of the quartet's powerful vocals. 


Each member is dedicated to sharing the good news of the gospel through songs with encouraging lyrics, and life changing testimonies presented in an engaging performance. Each man is committed to moving forward and taking The Sharps even further in ministry efforts. In late 2019, The Sharps signed with Penn Street Records, a division of Main Street Music & Entertainment. With this new partnership the group continues to build on the legacy that has already been established.


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