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From the age of 4, there was never a doubt that it was God’s will that he follow in his family's footsteps onto the Southern Gospel stage. The only son of Andy and Janice Sharp, He is an accomplished musician, serving as drummer, bassist, and piano for the group all before he graduated high school.  In 2014, Ben married his high school sweetheart, Brittney. Fast-forward to 2017, Ben and Brittney became first-time proud parents when they welcomed their baby girl, Leiah Rae, into the world. In April 2021, a new baby boy Bentley Andrew, was welcomed into the family as the next potential member of the quartet!

"My entire childhood was spent on a tour bus. My earliest memories are of my family traveling all over the Southeast singing the best music in the world. Now, God has given me the opportunity to expand the history of The Sharps and begin my own career singing while I have my children and family watching. I can't thank him enough for his blessings on me."

Ben Sharp - The Sharps
Ben Sharp - The Sharps
Ben Sharp - The Sharps
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